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Captivate Potential Readers with Your Title

Posted on: March 20th, 2017 by Publisher Services

Writing the actual book may seem like the most important aspect of being an author but no matter how great the story is, if the title does not catch people’s attention, it will go unread. Creating the perfect title for your book is the first and most important marketing decision you will make. Unfortunately for many authors, it is something they do not give enough thought to.

Once you have developed your story, ask yourself what is the base essence of that storyt. The best titles will include that essence in some way or another. What that does not mean however, is to simply title your book a straightforward synopsis of the story. Unless you already have a strong fan base or are writing a textbook, a dry and boring title will not help to drive sales.
Instead, use the essence of your story as inspiration for creating a captivating title that will have readers wanting to know more.

Some ideas for inspiration include:
• The perspective of the characters
• Imagery or Metaphors
• Actual excerpts from the book (Do not use the first or last line in the book though!)
• Context about the story, timeframe or location
• Intrigue about the plot line or characters
• Wordplay

Another important aspect of creating a captivating title is to come up with multiple options. It is unlikely that you will think up the perfect title on the first try. Having a list of potential titles allows you to see which one fits the story best, as well as allows you to get input from external sources.

There are also some key things to avoid when creating your title. Namely, make sure the title is not difficult or embarrassing to say out loud. If people have a hard time pronouncing the title, it is less likely they will remember it. Similarly, if someone would be embarrassed or feel stupid saying the title out loud, it is not likely to be passed along by word of mouth.

Once you have a tentative title, do some research to make sure it is original. The best way to do this is by using an internet search engine such as Google or checking on Amazon directly. While titles can be similar, it is important to stand out. If there are too many similar books, yours can easily get lost within the mix.

The right title for your book will be informative, memorable and intriguing. You want to leave readers curious enough that they want to know more. Make no mistake, having a great title will not turn you into a best-selling author but having a bad title can derail the book before it even has a chance