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The Importance of a Book Cover

Posted on: April 21st, 2017 by Publisher Services

We’ve all heard the saying countless times, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” However idealistic that may be, it is not a true statement and assuming otherwise as an author could significantly hurt your ability to market your book successfully. The truth is, most potential readers do judge a book by its cover and do so quickly.
These days, there are literally millions of options when people want to choose a book to read. Your book cover is the first sales pitch you have with them. Not only will the cover help them decide whether to read the book, many readers unconsciously decide whether or not they will enjoy the book from the cover alone as well.
Before you publish your book, make sure your cover is as strong as can be. Some things to keep in mind include:

The Text
The text on a book cover should be clear from a distance or as a thumbnail image. If it is illegible or sloppy, readers will look right over it. Also, some fonts look better than others. Fonts such as Comic Sans or Papyrus are grossly overused and can be unappealing. A better option would be a classic typeface such as Baskerville or Geneva.
When selecting your font, be sure to limit the text to only one or two different fonts. Crowding the cover with more than that can be visually unappealing and immediately turn off potential readers.

The Mood
A book cover is the first opportunity to convey the style and mood of the book. For instance, a cover with dark colors conveys a mystery or horror story so it would be unsuitable for an uplifting work of fiction. Similarly, a cover with bright colors connotates a happier storyline and should be used accordingly.
Images included on a book cover also set the tone for how readers will imagine certain characters or settings. This can be a wonderful opportunity to draw readers leaving them wanting to know more about the story.

The Design
When you are designing your cover, it is important to make it as professional as possible. A book cover that is done well conveys a message to readers that yours is a professional, high-quality piece of literature. Similarly, if a book cover is an afterthought or done in haste, it can give off the impression that your book is not a quality piece of work and will most likely be passed over.
To achieve this, it may be necessary to outsource some or all of the design work. If you have design experience, awesome! But if not, remember how important a cover is and consider letting someone with professional training help you achieve your goals. This can have tremendous results for your book in the long run.

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