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Publisher Services does an excellent job of handling the needs of its customers. I would highly recommend them. This was my first exposure to the ISBN maze. Publisher Services made it very easy for me to obtain what I needed. And customer service responded in record time! Thanks, guys!

I am extremely impressed by the service you offer. I just got my ISBN and was able to complete my file reviews with Create Space. Very soon my novel will be on Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!

Publisher Services surprised me by returning my call and email concerns on the Saturday following Black Friday to assist me in immediately obtaining my ISBN-barcode purchase. The owner, himself, was personable, helpful and really concerned in a pro-active way. I would not hesitate to highly recommend this company to anyone seeking these goods/tools.

This is my first time publishing a book and found Publisher Services to be the right place to get me started in the right direction. Thank you.

Publisher Services web site was so quick and easy I couldn’t believe that I did it by myself like that! You are a blessing.

It was so easy purchasing my ISBN. I’m too busy finishing my book to have a lot of time or energy left over for mundane things like this; Publisher Services was so easy to use, I spent little time or energy getting what I needed.

I am very happy with the service provided by Publisher Services.

My experience with Publisher Services has been tremendously wonderful! I was treated with respect, dignity, and excellent customer care. All my questions was answered thoroughly with clear understanding. Now, I feel more empowered to move forward.quote

Gladys Christian / God’s Pathway to Sanctification

Publisher services made it fast, easy and affordable to get my project off the ground. It almost seemed too good to be true, but I am completely satisfied with their professional service and look forward to our next project together.

I have had the privilege of working with Publisher Services on 4 different occasions and have been extremely satisfied. I highly recommend anyone considering self-publications to contact Publisher Services for the publishing needs.

Publisher Services was most efficient in helping me get my ISBN number and bar codes. We had the book in press and suddenly realized the ISBN number had not been obtained. My editor sent me the URL and within a wink everything came in. This is an efficient service.

It’s hard enough publishing today – finding someone who truly wants to help is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for all your help.

I had a great experience because Gordon lead me through the process with great clarity and patience. Very consumer friendly.quote

The service person’s answers were concise and helpful.

Quick, efficient, not confusing; which makes me very pleased.

I needed an IBSN for my current project, Publisher Services helped me quickly and delivered exactly as promised.

Customer support over the phone was really helpful. As a new author, I needed a few basic explanations of ISBN’s and bar codes. She didn’t make me feel like an idiot, and patiently answered all my questions, slowly!

Fast, quick, easy to order, friendly assistance

Keep up the great work. Your patience in dealing with me, a newcomer to this process, was greatly appreciated. Thanks again to your team.

Your polite, professional and relevant issuance of ISBNs and bar codes is certainly a great boost to first time authors and others. Your service deserves outstanding reviews.quote

Thank you – fast and easy with exceptional service

Thank you for making purchasing and ISBN and bar code so easy. I will be coming to you from now on when I am in the market for individual bar codes.quote

Great service. Quality assistance. Efficient, easy & effective!

Very fast service — even during a holiday weekend! When I ran into a snafu on one of my bar codes, I e-mailed Brenda and she took care of the problem immediately. I’ll be back!!quote

My words to anyone interested in self-publishing would be words of warning, except when it comes to this company. Cheap prices, courteous staff and prompt replies to all enquiries. Ideal for those who just want to get on with writing.quote

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