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Publisher Services

ISBN Identification Programs

As an Authorized Agent of the U.S. ISBN Agency, Publisher Services offers ISBN Identification Programs for all types of self-publishers. Our Self-Publisher Package is geared towards new self-publishers or those selling solely on the Internet.

The Publisher Package is ideal for authors desiring to sell to larger booksellers and/or CreateSpace. Regardless of the program selected, our clients retain all rights/ownership and their title information is listed in the global Books in Print Database.

Additional Services

In addition to providing ISBN Identification Programs, we offer a wide array of “à la carte” services for self-publishers ranging from pre-production to marketing assistance.

  • E-Book Conversion

    Professional digital book formatting for both Kindle and EPUB formats. Prices start at $189 for both formats.

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  • Kindle Ebook Setup

    Don’t spend your money on “middleman” services. Control your own eBook royalties with Kindle Direct!

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  • Book Printing

    High quality paperback (perfect) and hardcover books printing. Fast turnaround and competitive prices.

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  • Book Formatting

    For new authors who do not have book layout experience, our staff can format your Word Document into a professional quality publication. Prices start at $199 for books 250 pages or less.

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  • Global Distribution Assistance

    We no longer provide direct distribution service but we can provide assistance getting your book listed on Amazon, CreateSpace or Lightning Source.


  • Cover Design

    The Publisher Services graphic design staff can create your unique book cover design. Our team can customize simple cover templates from your provided images.

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