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Very quick and easy – so glad to have found this solution for an ISBN.

Denise Abraham

Great phone support! Quick and accurate!

Tom Curran

Having published a book before and having had previous issues getting an ISBN and bar code, I was surprised at how easy this service was. Thank you!

Richard Rasnrt, Nakayama Studios

Previously I had purchased my ISBN from my outsource printer. I was so surprised to see that by purchasing it from Publisher Services I not only got the ISBN and bar code but my titles would be put in the Books in Print list. That is a real plus and a necessity for getting your books in brick & mortar stores.

Elizabeth Gilbert, Scribbler Publishing

Publisher Services couldn’t have made my purchase of an ISBN number any easier. I called first with a question and was met with friendly and competent help. I would recommend them without hesitation and will use their services again.

J. Michael Wittman, author of Pigs In The Pulpit

The fact that there is actually concerned people on the other end of the technology is rewarding. I give a special thanks to Brenda. I had technical difficulties on my end in submitting my ISBN form. I sent the info in text form. Brenda completed it faster than you can imagine and returned my numbers to me promptly. I am grateful.

Nawanna Lewis Miller Author Angels in My Room Cruising the Cosmos

Thank you, Brenda. I got the number and bar code. I’ll be visiting the site again. As a first-time author totally ignorant of the publishing process, I have been slowed down by my own ignorance. I was concerned that I would make a misstep or leave out something important. Publisher Services has a simple, obvious visual aid which makes me feel much more confident. I’m on my way now.quote

Malcolm Mathieson Jr

Your service was explained very well on your Website, our questions were answered clearly and accurately, and our order was promptly filled. We are very happy with your service and would have no hesitation to recommend it to other authors and publishers.

Steve Grumette, Ojai Library

The service was fast and easy, and the representative was patient and very kind. I recommend this service highly!quote

Yujin Chun

Well worth the price. Delivery like lightning!

Ralph Morin

You provide an easy to understand website and an excellent, efficient service.quote

Stuart Graham, Business Builder Alliance Inc

I was impressed with the ease of using your service and the price packages for ordering ISBNs are by fair the most economical I’ve seen.

Cindy Parker

Quick, efficient, responsive, professional — these are the qualities I appreciate in any business dealings, and Publisher Services exemplifies all of them.

Tom Parks, Marble Press

Publishers Services offers straightforward and competitively priced products and services for self-publishing authors. Their customer service team is knowledgeable, helpful, professional and have great follow-up. I am more than pleased with my experience.quote

AE Trinh Author, The Bender Files

Excellent and FAST service. Had I known how simple, fast and cost effective it was to obtain an ISBN I would have pursued it much sooner. This was a critical step in promoting my work for sale and distribution. Thank you for your service.

Brent Knepper

Publishers Services is both kind and efficient. Brenda especially has been so very helpful.

Sallie Latkovich

I did not know obtaining an ISBN could be so easy and fast. The online process was efficient and convenient.

Judy Pearson, Motivational Strategies, Inc.

I was astonished at the rapidity with which you addressed my request for an ISBN number and even more so when I ordered pre-printed labels and discovered that they were being shipped the same day I ordered them. I will definitely use your services again! Thank you!

Mark Hundley

To Publisher Services, thank you for being so nice and making everything seems so easy and being able to answer all the questions that needed to be answer. It is so nice to talk to people who know their job, and who care. It’s even nice to hear a nice welcoming voice who is able to take the time to get everything done in one phone call. I did not feel rushed at all,, that is customer service. We need more companies like Publisher Services. Thank you so much.quote

Rocky Stayart

You made it fast and easy to get my ISBN number and bar code, along with instructions on how to use it. I couldn’t have asked for any more than that!quote

Adeeb Shabazz

Publisher Services made it extremely easy and affordable for me to attach an ISBN number and bar code to my first book without having to spend a lot of money–money I would rather put toward printing extra copies of the book itself. Thank you for providing a sane option to writers who are just starting out!

Gail N. Strumberger

Your service was fast, efficient and very responsive to my questions by email. I would recommend it to anyone who is publishing a book.

Kypris Aster Drake

Ordering my bar code and ISBN from Publisher Services was one of the easiest online orders I have ever made. I also called customer service in reference to a question I had after I received my order and was very pleased with the CSR that helped me. It was really a no-hassle experience.quote

Greg Sloan

This is a GREAT place to get ISBN bar codes for a writer who only needs one or two ISBNs. It’s also a terrific value!

Donna Moore

You folks were most helpful and pleasant. It was good to deal with real people over the phone instead of voice messaging directions which are so frustrating to deal with.

John Hutchinson