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Robert Dawe

The phone service was absolutely outstanding and made all the difference in my decision to use your service!quote

Steve Penny

Brenda and Gordon were so courteous and helpful in assisting me in submitting my book for review. I would highly recommend Publisher Services to anyone whether they are a novice or a pro!quote

Dr. Frances McHenry, I Imagine Dad: Legacy of an Unknown Father

Obtaining an ISBN bar code was quick and easy. I saved $25 over what it would have cost to have my book publisher provide this code. I recommend Publisher Services without reservation.

Gordon J. Johnson

I am glad I came across your services via Google. I look forward furthering my business by way of our continued relationship.quote

Eric Gonzales

I am gratified to have found your service. The Independent Publishers website provides an opportunity to keep the emerging publisher at the forefront in a very competitive industry. Thank you!quote

Cheroll A. Dossett, Gabby Enterprises & Gabby Media Group

This service is fantastic! In fact, my customer care rep from my online order even made a last minute change to the bar code for me, which made my day! The site was easy to navigate and answered all my questions. I had my ISBN within minutes, and my bar code (with the change I requested) within hours. I would definitely recommend this service. Well done!quote

Alexis Ahrens

Last year, while publishing my first book, I was looking for a single ISBN and found your website. I found your staff to be very professional, and your website was easy to navigate. I have since published four more books, and continue to use your services. Thank you for making things easy for the self-published author!quote

Rev. Paula T. Webb

As a self-published author, getting my bar code was crucial! The customer service helped me make the right choices! I’ve referred many authors who want their own bar codes to this site!

Camellia Johnson Dallas, TX

After I wrote my book, I felt like a ‘stranger in a strange land.’ Your folks helped me through the ISBN, and copyright process in a very professional and supportive way. Thank you!!!

Susan Hedden

GREAT! I found your service of providing a single ISBN and bar code to be very beneficial. It was easy and affordable. I will recommend your website and services to others.

Annabah Alazim

If you are just starting a self-publishing venture and wish to maintain complete control of your work while receiving excellent advice and service from a company willing to invest time and interest in your publishing needs at competitive rates, Publisher Services is the place for you.

Peter Scheponik

My experience with Publisher Services was incredible! I understood exactly how everything worked from the well-written information on the website. When I called, the phone was answered immediately and I was helped very quickly. Within 20 minutes I had my ISBN, attached it to my book, and was on my way. Amazing service!!

Chris O’Byrne

Being new in this business, I thought it would take a long time and be difficult to get the numbers and bar codes. I can’t believe how easy it was and the numbers and bar codes arrived on the same day that I called. Thank you for the excellent service.

Juanita Holbrook Ingram, Iron Eagle Publications

This was one of the easiest online transactions I have ever completed. It was brief, concise and you did exactly what you said you would do for a very reasonable price. Thanks!

Denis Ashton

Thank you for having a hassle-free service for the self-published author

Vincenzo Cornetto

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Clarence E. Freeman, C & K Productions

Thank You for your swift service. We had our ISBN # as you said we would. We had our book published within a few days after and we will have our book in hand by this Friday.

Charles Lee Emerson, Minister

When getting started in this business, you need a lot of help that you can understand. Plain and simple is what helped me get through. Also because I could purchase one at time economically. Thank you once again for your assistance.

DJ Henderson

Your company’s expediency in supplying ISBN numbers within less than two hours is outstanding. The two representatives I spoke with via phone were extremely helpful and courteous. I will gladly recommend your service to others.

Beverley Nicks, Ta Dah! Publications

This is the real deal. They get you what you need in less than 60 minutes. Top-notch company with top-notch employees.

Nathan Stout, John Stout Ministries

Your service was exceptional!

Timothy J Walter MD

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Dennis Howke

The last bar code/publishing service I went to was very unreliable and wouldn’t answer my questioning emails for months at a time. It was way too much of a hassle. Now I’m very thankful that I found this new place which is much more reliable!

Justin Llamas

Publisher Services provided fast and reliable services, especially if we are an author/publisher and have no experience in publishing. I strongly recommend them to new authors.

Thoai Hovanky