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Why Should an Author Buy an ISBN?

Posted on: November 14th, 2014 by Publisher Services

ISBN identification is the link connecting enabling book-sellers and readers access to essential book information.

  • The ISBN system is a global standard. ISBN identification is used world-wide as a unique identifier for books and is utilized to simplify distribution and purchase of books throughout the global supply chain.
  • ISBNs are the key to book stores inventory system. Without an ISBN, a book will not be found in most book stores or online marketplaces.
  • Every format of a book should be assigned a unique ISBN.
  • Buying an ISBN improves the chances your book will be found a critical component to purchasing an ISBN is uploading title data through our portal. All book information is dynamically sent to Bowker’s Books in Print database. Inclusion in this database opens up a world of discovery because your book will be listed with many retailers, libraries, as well as online services like Google Books, Apple’s iBooks, and the New York Times.

Over 100 million people access this data when searching for books; and it all starts with assigning an ISBN to your book.