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Author Spotlight: Christopher C Wilson

Posted on: June 2nd, 2014 by Publisher Services

We asked our clients to share their self-publishing journey and provide suggestions for new authors.

Author: Christopher C Wilson
Book: WIN



Please tell us a little about yourself and what prompted you to write a book:

I’m a 38 year old Fitness instructor that works out of North Scottsdale, Az. I had done illegal steroids for 3 years and wound up with no testosterone production after I got off of them. I struggled to build my body back but couldn’t do it until Dr. Harold Reeder introduced me to bio identical hormone therapy. Once my testosterone level was up to where it should be I’ve been able to stay lean with lots of muscle and won two trophies in the Men’s Physique category beating out my steroidal opponents. I’m proof that it can be done as well as proof there are permanent damages that can result from steroid use. My book is designed to keep youth off of steroids and for adults, to build your body to last!

Please tell us a little about your book:

My book is my personal testimony that steroids can damage your body and shut down your body’s natural production of testosterone. Through natural bio-identical hormone therapy you can get your body back as well as improve energy, focus, fat loss, depression reduction, and sleep improvements. Along with my experience competing in bodybuilding shows, diet and cardio tips, and how to pick a trainer.

How long did it take you to finish your book? 5 years

Do you offer your book as an ebook? Yes

What has been the most challenging aspect of self-publishing and what suggestions would you give to a new author?

Staying focused to finish the process. It costs a good amount of money and consumes a lot of time. My advice is to never give up. Never stop until your message is delivered to your readers!