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Book Printing Process

You have successfully finished writing your book, and you are ready to start the book printing process. This can be very exciting and very intimidating for some authors. Publisher Services has created a solid guideline for authors to help make the book printing process easy and smooth. So let’s get started!

Choosing Your Book Type

new book types

Choosing Your Paper

One of the options you’ll have to make about your book printing is the type of paper you will use. The paper defines the look and feel of your book. Below are descriptions of the different types of paper options:

  • 50# Offset Paper – Similar to Copy Paper, thin and light-weight (Most Popular Paper Type)
  • 60# Offset Paper – Novel Paper, slight thickness than copy paper
  • 70# Offset Paper – Thicker, mostly used for books containing photographs and illustrations with color
  • 80# Gloss Paper – Thick with gloss finish, mainly used for magazines and comic books

Production Time

  • PDF Email of Soft Proof …… 2 Business Days  
  • Printed Proof after PDF Approval …… 2-7 Business Days  
  • Revisions to Printed Proof (If Necessary) …… 2-3 Business Days  
  • Production for Non-Hardcover Books …… 3-6 Business Days  
  • Production for Hardcover Books …… 7-10 Business Days  

Here's How It Works!

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