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How to Boost Your Author Presence Offline

Posted on: September 15th, 2017 by Publisher Services

These days, authors are being pushed to build a strong online presence and large social media following. It can seem that figuring out Facebook, Instagram or any of the social media platforms is that only way to find success as an author. The importance of social media and your online presence cannot be understated. However, what is often overlooked is that there are things you can do offline that will actually help you online.

If you feel like you have hit a wall online or are just looking to grow your author presence, consider doing one (or all!) of these actions.

Arrange In-Person Meetings
So much of our business and communications are done online that it can be easy to forget about in-person meetings. Most people would rather send an email than request a meeting. By doing that, you could be missing a potential opportunity to grow your network and build relationships that can significantly improve your online presence.

For instance, is there are particular publication or blogger you’d like to reach? Perhaps their audience is the perfect match to your ideal reader. You could send them an email, introduce yourself and explain why your book is perfect for them. Or you could send them an email with a quick introduction and ask to meet for coffee. In which situation do you think they are more likely to remember you?

Attend Conferences
Attending industry conferences can provide tremendous benefits for you as an author. Most offer panels and workshops by industry leaders that will give you to opportunity to strengthen your craft. More importantly though, it offers a chance to building a network of likeminded authors. These authors may not be in your genre or at the same point in their career but they are all authors. They understand the nitty gritty that comes with these professions and can be a wonderful support group.

Conferences are also a great way to meet industry professionals in person. You may not be looking for an editors or agent at the moment, but getting in front of them and introducing yourself will only help you down the road. Once these connections have been made in person, it will prove to be an easier transition to an online connection.

Meet Other Authors
Do not be afraid to get out there and meet other authors in person. Authors tend to isolate themselves, however having a support system of writers can be instrumental in your success. These relationships can help you become a better writer, provide critique or suggestions when you hit a roadblock or be an ear to listen when you need a sounding board.

Remember that other authors are looking for the same thing you are. Don’t try to form one-sided relationships. By helping them, you will strengthen your relationship and it can go back and forth. From there, there is always a potential for cross promotion of books you are working on or tapping into each other’s online networks.

It is undeniable that most successful authors have a strong, loyal online following. Building that loyalty takes time and effort, not simply adding a few posts to a Facebook page. By taking the time to get out there, shake some hands and trade stories, you will be forming those relationships that will naturally translate online.