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ebook conversion

Why pay for professional conversion?

Digital books have finally gained public popularity and represent the future of publishing.  In order to offer your book in electronic format on the popular e-book stores, your manuscript needs to be properly formatted. Both the pagination and images need to be optimized for each electronic format., the most popular e-book storefront, uses the “Kindle” format and other digital booksellers use the standardized EPUB format. Publisher Services is now a major provider of ebook conversion services.

Our knowledgeable customer support staff will take the time to answer all of your questions and work effortlessly to provide professionally converted files. Fast turnaround occurs  in just 7 business days for most clients. Prices cover ebook conversion for both Kindle and EPUB formats and are based on the amount of words and images in a book.

Though it can be extremely enticing to upload a Word or PDF document through an automated converter tool, this will not yield a professional-grade final product.

Even advanced graphic programs, such as Adobe InDesign CS5, are adding functionality to output ePub files. Their converted files still require manual corrections. The major limitation to these applications is they cannot natively accept multi-page PDF files and an intermediary software conversion is necessary.  The PDF is imported as an image and there is no automatic generation of contents, footnotes, or any other adjustment to formatting.

These programs or web applications also do not properly import MS Word documents, since extra garbage text is added at the end of chapters. Additionally, random characters become missing between words. An additional proofing step is always required.

Publisher Services can easily convert your PDF or Word document while preserving your initial formatting.  We can also add an easy-to-navigate table of contents. Our clients also receive both ePub and Kindle formatting files.

Manuscripts can be provided in either Word (.doc/.docx) or .pdf formats.

All Kindle e-book files will be formatted to include all of the graphics, pictures, tables and other images. All tagging necessary for the proper display of the book on a Kindle will be part of the formatted file.

EPUB files will be completed in accordance with the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) standard. The files will be compliant wit the ePubChecker current at the time for conversion. A table of contents will be included as part of the book along with the proper metadata. The final formatted EPUB file (.epub extention) will be sent to you.

Reflowing Layout for iBooks and Kindle Fire also available! Please contact us for price.