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Farewell CreateSpace and Hello KDP!

Posted on: October 8th, 2018 by Publisher Services

createspace to kdp

Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing will soon merge into one service. CreateSpace was an early adopter in print-on-demand publishing and in 2005 they were acquired by Amazon. In July 2016 Amazon launched KDP Print as separate offering which CreateSpace customers will now be required to use. All titles that are currently published through CreateSpace will be automatically moved to the KDP platform. Amazon is allowing a few weeks for authors who have titles through CreateSpace to make any edits, changes or additions to their titles before moving them to a KDP Print account.

This merge was foreshadowed by the elimination of CreateSpace’s author services. Publisher Service will be providing the same support for KDP as we did for CreateSpace, so self-publishers can still utilize our services for cover design, interior formatting and upload assistance.

Amazon is attempting to make the integration of CreateSpace into KDP a seamless process. There will not be much of a difference between the functions, services and abilities that were available on CreateSpace accounts once they are moved to KDP Print. The account and title setup is similar, viewing of sales reports, and overseas marketing options. The printing facility that produced the books for CreateSpace clients will remain the same once all accounts are under Kindle Direct Publishing. Customers will notice that the payment schedules and royalty fees will differ slightly once all titles are under KDP.

The final date of CreateSpace being completely removed from Amazon has not been decided, but Amazon encourages CreateSpace authors not to delay in transferring their titles to KDP. For information on the steps to moving your title from CreateSpace to KDP, follow .

Amazon KDP requires that authors must submit titles with ISBNs that are registered to the author’s name in the Books in Print Database. With our Publisher Package, we ensure that you receive an ISBN registered to your name as the publisher and the ISBN barcode file for the cover of your book. To order the Publisher Package ISBN, click here. (

If you are interested in publishing your paperback or eBook through Kindle Direct Publishing and would like more information on the service, give us a call at 800-662-0701 ext. 250.