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Redefining Self-Published

Posted on: September 7th, 2016 by Publisher Services

Redefining the Term “Self-Published”


As authors are now empowered to directly reach consumers, traditional publishers are threatened by this change. A common criticism by the larger publishing houses of self-published books is the lack of professionalism and quality.  They claim many independent authors try to take on too many tasks individually and the resulting product does not match the caliber of traditionally published works.

Successful independent authors recognize the word “self” in self-published as the individual being ultimately responsible for each task but not the individual necessarily performing each task. Just as a movie producer does not solely write, hire, direct, edit or market a film, self-published authors should not be expected to wear all the hats required to produce a quality finished product.  Companies, such as Publisher Services (shameless plug), provide a la carte services, empowering authors to focus on the tasks which are in tuned to their passion. Although “self-published” authors are ultimately responsible for final product, there are affordable resources to enable them to compete head-to-head with the larger publishers.

Publisher Services offers the following assistance:

It is important to note that the only service which we do not provide self-published authors is book line editing. Professional line editors usually specialize in particular subjects. Since our clients’ books cover all genres, we could not provide a satisfactory  offering applicable to our entire customer base. We are members of the Independent Book Publishers Association and they have a list of editing resources. Please click here for information.  Our service is aimed for independent self-publishers to identify possible issues, many of which involve editing.

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