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“The Rise of Self-Publishing” by Andrew Verb



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With a last name like “Verb” it would seem that writing is in my blood. Truth be told, my talents have actually leaned more towards the arena of math and numbers. My real specialty lies with item identification and barcoding. My company, Bar Code Graphics, has been working with publishers of all sizes in assistance with ISBN identification and print production since the 1990s.

As the number of independent authors grew, I started our Publisher Services division in 2004 to help meet both their pre- and post-production needs. Publisher Services has now provided assistance to over 45,000 self-publishers. Unlike other Internet-based publishing service companies such as Lulu and CreateSpace, Publisher Services emphasizes phone support to help assist new authors. This direct interface allows us to learn about our self-publishers’ needs and challenges as well as develop the tools and services to better aid them.  If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

Andrew Verb

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