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The PREMIUM Book Sales Page provides visitors the ability to directly make contact with self publishers AND make purchases. All book sales pages include book title, author information/profile, title summary, author photo and cover image. In addition to providing contact email, phone and website, the PREMIUM  package also allows authors/self-publisher to include social media accounts, testimonials and direct BUY NOW links to various online marketplaces.

  • The BookDatabase.Online website allows users to search books by title, ISBN, or authors name.
  • Title Information and summary
  • Book Cover Image
  • Author Profile and Photo
  • Contact Email and Phone
  • Author website address
  • Author Profile and Photo
  • Contact Email and Phone
  • Social Media Accounts
  • BUY NOW links to the major online book retailers
  • Testimonials

The PREMIUM  package is an ideal tool for a new self-publisher to engage prospective buyers AND enable them to make direct purchases!

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