Copyright Protection Service

$179.95 / year

Although copyright registration provides the legal support to defend against digital theft, it does not monitor the internet for infractions. Digi-Rights is a partner of both the US ISBN Agency and Publisher Services and we are able to provide our clients a substantial discount on CopyrightsLock™ protection.

  • Visible Watermark for Website
  • Automatic web scans looking for our pirated content
  • Email alerts notifying you of suspected infringements
  • Personal client dashboard allows you to monitor protection status
  • Automatic takedown notices- Portal creates and sends DMCA Takedown notice(s) to infringing site(s)
  • Escalation Process – If the infringing site doesn’t comply, system escalates to hosting providers and ultimately search engines

Impede theft and recover your stolen content the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. CopyrightsLock™ is a DMCA-compliant subscription service that empowers you to protect and defend your work!

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** If you order a subscription, you may cancel anytime within the subscription period. Membership fees for current subscription period are non-refundable. For recurring billing, to prevent plan renewal and recurring billing, just cancel at least 5 days prior to the end of the subscription.

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