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The Power of Music

Posted on: April 8th, 2013 by Publisher Services

Music and the written word can create a wonderful collaboration. In fact, there are  many examples where one has had direct influence over the other to list. You may have an author blog you follow who mentions music or posts playlists. Most famously Twilight series author, Stephanie Meyer, has posted playlists for each book in the series.

If you ever wonder how to keep fans engaged on your website or blog, creating a playlist to share is a great addition. Playlists can be created to reveal mood, character background or simply share what gets you in the mood to write! It can also help you to keep content fresh without having to write a full post. Consider incorporating a monthly or weekly list into your posting routine.

You can even go a step further and routinely share your playlists on your Facebook page or through specific apps using music services such as Last.FM and the new (to the US Market) Spotify. The real power is in the sharing because it’s one more way you can make a personal connection with your readers and fans.