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Publisher Services was fast and easy for my ISBN number assignment and bar code delivery. Within 5 minutes after my ISBN bar code arrived my book cover was completed and ready for printing. Thanks for the great services.
Greg Corwin -

Publisher Services couldn't have made my purchase of an ISBN number any easier. I called first with a question and was met with friendly and competent help. I would recommend them without hesitation and will use their services again.
J. Michael Wittman , author of Pigs In The Pulpit

My experience with Publisher Services has been tremendously wonderful! I was treated with respect, dignity, and excellent customer care. All my questions was answered thoroughly with clear understanding. Now, I feel more empowered to move forward.
Gladys Christian God's Pathway to Sanctification

As a self-published author, getting my bar code was crucial! The customer service helped me make the right choices! I've referred many authors who want their own bar codes to this site!
Camellia Johnson Dallas TX

Publisher Services made it extremely easy and affordable for me to attach an ISBN number and bar code to my first book without having to spend a lot of money–money I would rather put toward printing extra copies of the book itself. Thank you for providing a sane option to writers who are just starting out!
Gail N. Strumberger

ISBN Identification Services

Our knowledgeable customer support staff will take the time to answer all of your questions regarding ISBN identification and help you decide on the best package for you.

Authorized by US ISBN Agency Since our original partnership with Bowker in 2004, Publisher Services is the largest authorized agent to provide ISBNs and barcodes to self-publishers.
Online portal to create barcodes and upload title data & cover art Our clients have complete control over the information they wish to publish to the Global Books in Print Database. Our unique portals provide the peace of mind that your ISBN is properly assigned to the correct title and can be found easily.
Quick turnaround. ISBN numbers can be provided in minutes Depending on the ISBN package selected, your ISBN and barcode could be delivered within minutes.
Speak to a real person A representative is available by phone to assist you with any inquiries you may have. Call 1-800-662-0703 to speak to a customer service representative now.

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The Importance of Authentic ISBN Identification

Books and eBooks should be assigned a unique ISBN number to be correctly identified. Every country has an ISBN Agency which administers their ISBN assignments and maintains the global standards. Bowker is the US ISBN agency and has contracts with agents, such as Publisher Services, to assist self publishers. The internet is full of many deceptive companies posing as the ISBN agency ( or Publisher Services is the largest authorized agent and has been providing ISBN numbers and barcodes to over 60,000 self publishers since 2004. Our toll-free phone number is posted on every page and we encourage our clients to call us at any time.