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The simple & cost effective option to get an ISBN assigned to your work. This program is geared for self-publishers who are selling directly to consumers, online via their own website or, or in-person (seminars, church, etc.). Over 90% of self-publishers use this program.

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just 30 minutes!

This program empowers self publishers to sell through distribution and retail channels. Through an agreement the US ISBN Agency we can expedite assignments, and enable self-publishers to register their company name to the ISBN. Please call us or order online!

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just 24 hours!


Package Comparison:
Unmatched Phone Support (Talk to a real person)
Author/Publisher retains ownership and copyright
Clients manage title data & cover art on our Client Portals
ISBN Assignment (Unique and linked to Global Databases)
No annual fees
Discounted Copyright Registration
Complimentary Standard Book Sales Page (Info)
Digital barcode included (barcode stickers also available)
Your company listed as the publisher - Expedited as US ISBN Agency Channel Partner
"Independent Publisher" is the listed publisher (information)
Quantity Discount (i.e. 10 ISBNs & barcodes are $28.00 each)
Delivery Time

“Publisher Services was fast and easy for my ISBN number assignment and bar code delivery. Within 5 minutes after my ISBN bar code arrived my book cover was completed and ready for printing. Thanks for the great services.”

-Greg Corwin

“Publisher Services couldn’t have made my purchase of an ISBN number any easier. I called first with a question and was met with friendly and competent help. I would recommend them without hesitation and will use their services again.”

– J. Michael Wittman, author of Pigs In The Pulpit.
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