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What to do When Your Manuscript Files are Too Big for Email

Posted on: April 18th, 2014 by Publisher Services


One of the main publishing services our company offers is book printing. Before a manuscript can become a book, it needs to go through a process called pre-production.  In this process we assess the author’s files to make sure that they meet a variety of criteria including correct dimensions, sufficient margin space, pagination, spine width, etc. This is a complimentary service which sets us apart from the bigger book printers that dominate the market.

However, before we can even get to pre-production, first we need to retrieve the author’s manuscript files. This has proven to be a challenge for some, as files exceeding 10 MB typically cannot be transferred through email. If your files are less than 10 MB you may email them to me directly at, but if they are larger files then we recommend that you use a file transferring service instead.

If your computer experience is limited and/or if you just want a QUICK solution, I recommend This is a free service which allows you to upload your files and email them regardless of file size. The limitation of this service is that the file will expire within 10 days.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation before and you would like a more robust solution, I recommend  Dropbox is a cloud based service which allows you to upload numerous large files to their servers and access them any time, from any computer, and anywhere in the world. As the pre-production specialist here at Publisher Services, I rely on my Dropbox every day as a simple and dependable way of sending and retrieving large files. Oh and did I mention that its free?

By Gordan K

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