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After You Obtain an ISBN, Protect Your Book With Copyright Registration

Posted on: November 9th, 2018 by Publisher Services

Whether you’re a prolific writer or someone who just starting out, protecting the ownership of your work and registering your work at the US Copyright Office can avoid you massive headaches down the road. Even though the law specifies that your work is protected from the moment you create it, if you ever need to take someone to court over a Copyright issue, registering your work can be that ace up your sleeve that saves you in case someone decides to plagiarize your work.

Many authors nowadays decide to register their work in order to have a public record of it and to own a certificate of registration that will quickly settle any disputes. In addition to locking your protection for your lifetime plus 70 years, registering a copyright within the first 3 months of publishing enables the copyright owner to seek statutory damages and attorney’s fees in federal court.

Bowker and Publisher Services have partnered with Digi-Rights to assist clients with copyright registration due to the technicalities and nuances of the registration process.

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