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Self-Promotion for Authors

Posted on: May 12th, 2016 by Publisher Services

self promote

To a select few, self-promotion comes very easy and naturally. Many self-published authors tend to be introverted so outward promotion is challenging. Every year we survey our clients and “marketing” is always the number one area which most authors describe where they need to spend more time. Our advice to all authors is you must make peace with the fact that self-promotion is a necessity.

There are some very easy to perform things self-publishers can do to start the ball of self-promotion rolling. Here are a few economical and easy ways to promote your book;

1. Include a link to your book in your email signature.
2. Provide ongoing Twitter chats with your readers.
3. Create a blog and post short stories or chapters.
4. Post pictures of fans reading your book on your social media sites.
5. Throw a book release part for your friends and family. They will become your best initial sales force.
6. If you live in an area with small coffee shops, talk to the owners to see if you can either sell your book at their shop and/or post promotions. At minimum, throw a book signing event at a coffee shop. Most owners appreciate the traffic.
7. Talk to EVERYONE you meet about your book. Be proud of your accomplishment and consistently inject your self-publishing experience into conversations.

Strengthen your promotion with a basic media kit. Basic elements include an author website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn account and some business cards. It is also wise to invest in a quality headshot taken by a professional photographer that can be used for your website and various promotional events.