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Self Publish

Emphasizing the “Self” in Self Publishing


Over the past decade, the entire publishing industry has been turned around with the explosive growth of self publishing. Individuals are now empowered to self publish their own books without the barriers previously set by the large book publishing houses and retailers.  Today, authors who self publish can retain a larger percentage of their book sales because the access to clients is easier and financial costs are less. Unfortunately there are still many companies offering comprehensive services to authors who self publish and bundle their fees.  At Publisher Services, we believe in an a la carte approach and only provide clients services they need.  As a premier channel partner with the US ISBN Agency, most of our clients rely on our service to expedite ISBN Assignments and Barcodes.  For those who need additional assistance with production and marketing tasks, we offer an array of selectable services at affordable prices.

ISBN Identification Programs

As an Authorized Agent of the U.S. ISBN Agency, Publisher Services offers ISBN Identification Programs for all types of self-publishers. Our Self-Publisher Package is geared towards new self-publishers or those selling solely on the Internet. Prices start at $55 and quantity discounts are available.

The Publisher Package is ideal for authors desiring to sell to larger booksellers and/or CreateSpace. Regardless of the program selected, our clients retain all rights/ownership and their title information is listed in the global Books in Print Database.  For $129, clients INSTANTLY receive both their ISBN and barcode directly from Bowker, the US ISBN Agency.

Package Comparison:
Unmatched Phone Support (Talk to a real person)
Author/Publisher retains ownership and copyright
Clients manage title data & cover art on our Client Portals
ISBN Assignment (Unique and linked to Global Databases)
No annual fees
Discounted Copyright Registration
Complimentary Standard Book Sales Page (Info)
Digital barcode included (barcode stickers also available)
Your company listed as the publisher - Expedited as US ISBN Agency Channel Partner
"Independent Publisher" is the listed publisher (information)
Quantity Discount (i.e. 10 ISBNs & barcodes are $28.00 each)
Delivery Time

Additional Services

In addition to providing ISBN Identification Programs, we offer a wide array of “à la carte” services for self-publishers ranging from pre-production to marketing assistance.

  • E-Book Conversion

    Professional digital book formatting for both Kindle and EPUB formats. Prices start at $189 for both formats.

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  • Kindle Ebook Setup

    Don’t spend your money on “middleman” services. Control your own eBook royalties with Kindle Direct!

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  • Book Printing

    High quality paperback (perfect) and hardcover books printing. Fast turnaround and competitive prices.

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  • Book Formatting

    For new authors who do not have book layout experience, our staff can format your Word Document into a professional quality publication. Prices start at $99 for books 250 pages or less.

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  • Global Distribution Assistance

    We no longer provide direct distribution service but we can provide assistance getting your book listed on Amazon, CreateSpace or Lightning Source..


  • Cover Design

    The Publisher Services graphic design staff can create your unique book cover design. Our team can customize simple cover templates from your provided images.

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  • Autograph Copy Labels

    Simple but effective marketing tool to encourage sales at book signings and seminars.

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