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Tips for Author Websites

Posted on: April 8th, 2013 by Publisher Services

Regardless of where you are in your writing project, you’ve certainly considered the importance of a web destination. Social media is a wonderful outlet, but having your own informational website is ultimately the best way for readers to find you.

Content should be at the top of your list. Yes, even before links to purchasing your book! Consider the reasons you would visit one of your favorite author’s website. Maybe you want to learn more background about their latest book or what they are working on next. Here are some drivers to author websites:

  • Former releases. New authors take note. Visitors seek out information on both future and past titles. Give them titles, distinguish series and make it easy for readers to purchase.
  •  Exclusive content. Get creative. Sure, the basics are good (somewhat extended bio, insight to most recent book), but give them a taste of your personality. Some authors post book recommendations. You may want to think about tie-ins with your social media.
  •  Updates. We all need a frame of reference. Readers making the effort to find your site want to be in the know. Post and date interviews, appearances and anything else of relevance. And be specific when your next title will be released. You can be vague for a time by posting “Summer 2012” but once you have the month locked down, add a banner on the front page that can’t be missed.

 Take the time to thoughtfully consider a clean, simple site with these elements and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of repeat traffic to your author site.