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Breaking News – Supreme Court makes ruling about copyright infringement

Posted on: March 6th, 2019 by Publisher Services

4 March 2019: The U.S. Supreme Court held today that bringing a suit for copyright infringement requires that the infringed work actually be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, (i.e., Issuance of a Certificate) and that a mere application for registration will not suffice.

What this means for Self-Published Authors and Publishers:

The ruling makes it even more imperative that copyright holders register their works promptly if they wish to enforce their rights — on top of the already considerable financial incentives that the U.S. copyright regime provides for registered works.

While expedited registration remains available to copyright claimants for a fee, the Court’s new ruling is most likely to impact copyright holders for whom a delay of even a few weeks in bringing suit could prove irreparable —particularly those seeking temporary restraining orders or other preliminary injunctive relief.

See full article in National Law Review:

Bowker and Publisher Services have partnered with Digi-Rights to assist clients with copyright registration due to the technicalities and nuances of the registration process.


Is Your Book Ready For Amazon Reviews?

Posted on: April 25th, 2022 by Andrew Verb

Is Your Book Ready For Amazon Reviews?


Online reviews, in particular Amazon Reviews, have a tremendous impact on how your book is perceived.  A recent study revealed over 91% of online shoppers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Any online item with numerous positive reviews conveys an impactful message of the legitimacy of the item. Conversely, books, or any other online item, without reviews puts potential prospects in a state of distrust. Quite simply, more reviews look more convincing.

At Publisher Services, we are enormous proponents of legitimate unbiased book reviews. In fact we started 11 years ago to help self-publishers obtain an authentic book reviews and also provide basic editorial direction.   It is common for self-publishers to discount the role of an editor and the service helps enlighten areas that can be improved.  Ultimately, in order for you book to garnish positive reviews it needs to be ready for prime time.

Once ready for the Amazon marketplace, you should make an effort to reach out to Amazon’s top reviewers. There are individuals, who are rock star reviewers and whose positive reviews can be a game-changer for any book.  Please visit to see the complete listing of Top Reviewers.  As you will notice, this list is massive and also has a tab for the “Hall of Fame Reviewers.  Some of these individuals make a living providing reviews and writing as many as 80 a month. Many new authors spend time researching top reviewers within their genre and reach out to those to whom they would like to submit.  This can be a very time-consuming process, but the return of receiving five-star reviews from a top reviewer might be worth it.



Look to Your Readers

Successful self-publishers look to build their communities and have connections with their readers.  One extremely simple tactic is adding your contact information at the end of your book. Let readers know how important their feedback is to you and the value of their positive reviews.  Goodreads did a study and found that 90% of all readers want to engage with an author at the end of a book.  This is the PERFECT opportunity to ask for their assistance.



Unless you have an editorial team who polished and tweaked your manuscript, we highly recommend purchasing an unbiased book review so your work can survive the muster of the general public and garnish positive Amazon Reviews the moment you launch your book on their platform.  Initial bad reviews can potentially sink your book’s success so it makes sense to have a professional review. .

Book Printing Production Times Extended

Posted on: October 13th, 2021 by Andrew Verb

book production

Up until the pandemic, our clients relied on our quick turnaround for book printing. Unfortunately, due to global supply chain shortages, our production facilities were forced to dramatically extend our book printing estimates. With the holidays rapidly approaching, we wanted to alert our clients of delays so they can manage their expectations.

The current turnaround times are as indicated below;
‍(Subject to Change)

– 50# paperback book formats are estimated to print in 10 business days.
– 50# hardcover book formats are estimated to print in 15 business days.
– 70# paperback books are estimated to print in 20 business days.
– 70# hardcover books are estimated to print in 25 business days.

Rush and Express service levels are temporarily unavailable.

Right now we are encouraging our clients to think about their holiday orders NOW and contact their Publisher Services consultant for assistance. Supply chain disruptions are impacting almost every industry and the printing industry’s challenge is obtaining paper stock. It is very important to us that we exceed our client’s expectations so please factor in this delay when considering printing your books.

ISBN Answers To Common Questions

Posted on: April 2nd, 2021 by Andrew Verb

As the largest partner of the US ISBN Agency, we assist thousands of self-publishers every year. Two of the most common questions we receive involve the quantity of ISBNs needed and the type ISBN package they should purchase.

The support video below answers these questions.

Book Metadata – The Key To Discoverability

Posted on: November 12th, 2020 by Publisher Services

book metadata


Book metadata is essential embedded information that helps readers discover your book.  Metadata enables booksellers, libraries, and search engines to communicate to potential buyers all the specifics about your book.  Optimizing this information will improve the likelihood to match your book to buyers.  As the underlying identifier, your ISBN is the starting point to begin providing metadata. When you purchase an ISBN via Publisher Service, from either the Self Publisher Program ($55) or Publisher Program ($129), you get access to a title management portal. The information you provide about your book will be pushed through the Global Books in Print Database and our search engine,  Universal search engines, such as Google, index these sites, and then try to match results to best fit the query and demographics of a potential buyer.

Metadata is now integrated into every main online or application for varying industries and not just books. Music services, such as Pandora and Spotify, are great examples of how granular data is used to enhance the user experience by curating music based on search and individual preferences. For example, if you searched and played the Beatles song, “Let It Be”, in Spotify, the service would then match other music based upon the genre (60’s Rock) and artist (Beatles, Paul McCartney, John Lennon).

The information making up book metadata is very similar and includes the following;

  • ISBN of a title
  • Title and subtitle
  • Genre and subgenre (optional)
  • Book subject
  • Short and long descriptions
  • Author and other contributors
  • Year released
  • Books target market
  • Image of book cover
  • Price

If this information looks familiar, it is because it is EXACTLY the data that our publishers enter into the Title Management portals available from all of our ISBN Packages.  Book metadata is pushed through numerous platforms ranging from Amazon, Google, Libraries – Everywhere!

So the obvious question is then, “How does one go about creating optimized book metadata”?   Simple answer is “Research”.  When you are ready to start focusing on marketing your book, you need to do a comprehensive search on various platforms for competing books.  Once you identify a few competitors or similar books, go online to Amazon and Barnes & Noble and search your genre.  Once you find books in your genre which you have identified as similar, you can begin to see the content they used and then craft your own unique descriptive data. Also look for specific words and then type them into Google’s keyword planner tool.   Using this resource will enable you to identify the right keywords which are most relevant to your book.

Another recommendation is that you are consistent with the metadata information you publish. Try to use identical wording when entering this information on varying platforms, such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  Even using similar wording on your press releases and outreaches is a good practice.  Metadata management is also ongoing so you should periodically review how your book is being displayed on results.   The information entered through our Title Management Portals is constantly pushed to the Global Books in Print Database, so you should periodically review the content you have entered and tweak for improvement.



Amazon Kindle Direct Specialists

Posted on: June 29th, 2020 by Publisher Services

kindle diect publishing


Unless you have been living alone on a secluded island, life in 2020 has dramatically changed. Despite the challenges we all are facing, our publishing clients have been very active.  The number of ISBN assignments and copyright services has slightly spiked.  Self-publishers need to now re-evaluate some their marketing strategies since in-person direct sales and book signings will be curtailed for quite some time.

One company which has not only survived this pandemic but has gotten stronger is AMAZON.    Today they are the primary source of sales for most authors.  Consequently, it is crucial that self-publishers have an established and  professional presence on Amazon. The challenge is that Amazon’s infrastructure is so vast and complex, it can be almost a full-time job in itself just to stay current.

Our Publishing Consultants have extensive experience with the Kindle Direct Publishing platform and can assist in setting up account and  title with the Amazon ecosystem. Even before CreateSpace merged into Kindle Direct Publishing, our support staff assisted with book formatting, cover design, ebook conversion and upload assistance.   They have extensive experience with Amazon platform and can be considered your publishing team.

Unlike other companies who consider themselves “publishing experts”, our clients get to select ONLY the services which they need and we do not bundle packaged offerings. Publisher Services consultants can advise and guide you through the production process and get your book for sale on Amazon.


With Amazon’s robust platform and our hands on support, we can help you make your publishing dream a reality.