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Amazon Kindle Direct Specialists

Posted on: June 29th, 2020 by Publisher Services

kindle diect publishing


Unless you have been living alone on a secluded island, life in 2020 has dramatically changed. Despite the challenges we all are facing, our publishing clients have been very active.  The number of ISBN assignments and copyright services has slightly spiked.  Self-publishers need to now re-evaluate some their marketing strategies since in-person direct sales and book signings will be curtailed for quite some time.

One company which has not only survived this pandemic but has gotten stronger is AMAZON.    Today they are the primary source of sales for most authors.  Consequently, it is crucial that self-publishers have an established and  professional presence on Amazon. The challenge is that Amazon’s infrastructure is so vast and complex, it can be almost a full-time job in itself just to stay current.

Our Publishing Consultants have extensive experience with the Kindle Direct Publishing platform and can assist in setting up account and  title with the Amazon ecosystem. Even before CreateSpace merged into Kindle Direct Publishing, our support staff assisted with book formatting, cover design, ebook conversion and upload assistance.   They have extensive experience with Amazon platform and can be considered your publishing team.

Unlike other companies who consider themselves “publishing experts”, our clients get to select ONLY the services which they need and we do not bundle packaged offerings. Publisher Services consultants can advise and guide you through the production process and get your book for sale on Amazon.


With Amazon’s robust platform and our hands on support, we can help you make your publishing dream a reality.


Self Publishing with Amazon – It Can Be Confusing

Posted on: November 8th, 2019 by Publisher Services


Over the past 20 years Amazon has successfully transformed how and where books are sold. Their disruption to the book industry has also made it easier for authors to self-publish their work and get it in front of potential readers around the globe. 


Amazon provides self publishers different solutions to offer their books but unfortunately their communication and processes can be quite confusing. Due to their gargantuan growth and ongoing changes, some of the self publishing content on Amazon’s website is overwhelming and outdated.  This blog post will explain the available Amazon self publishing programs (as of November 2019) and provide insight on which type of ISBN is needed for each.


kindle diect publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing (aka Amazon KDP) is now Amazon’s comprehensive self publishing platform.  Many authors contact us and express confusion at the name since they assume “Kindle” only applies to ebook publishing. Kindle Direct Publishing enables self publishers to upload and manage their manuscript for BOTH printed and ebooks.   Previously, authors would establish accounts on KDP Direct which was Amazon’s ebook publishing platform.  A few years ago, Amazon purchased one of the largest print-on-demand (POD) companies in the US called CreateSpace.   During this past year Amazon merged the functionality of CreateSpace with their Kindle platform and established Kindle Direct Publishing.   Unfortunately Amazon still hosts pages referencing CreateSpace so it is confusing. (Click here for an example.)


The primary benefits of this comprehensive solution are that authors can manage their books in one single portal, leverage print-on-demand technology (no inventory costs), and have access to the largest global marketplace for books and ebooks.  There is one catch.  Authors are completely responsible for all cover design, book formatting and title data.  Once an account is established and an author uploads their manuscript, there are no humans checking the formatting and data to insure that the resulting book looks professional and is correct. Before merging with Kindle Direct Publishing, CreateSpace used companies, such as Publisher Services, to assist their clients with cover design, interior formatting and ebook conversion.  Amazon’s new POD model means that GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT.  The Kindle Direct Publishing portal does have an abundance of tutorials and templates for authors to perform these tasks themselves. Publisher Services does provide a complete array of services for Amazon publishers. Click here for information.




Authors who wish to publish their books to stores around the globe and use Kindle Direct Publishing must obtain ISBNs registered in their own name.  The Publisher Package consists of an ISBN registered to the author and a digital barcode ($129). It is important to note that Amazon does offer free ISBN assignments through their Kindle Direct Publisher for which the ISBN is registered to KINDLE Publishing. These ISBNs cannot be used anywhere else, so an author would have to obtain additional ISBNs for books published and sold outside the Kindle marketplace.


fulfillment by amazon


Whereas Amazon KDP is a print-on-demand solution authors, the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) programs rely on an author/self publisher to handle all the printing functions and respective inventory holding costs. Self publishers get to leverage Amazon’s vast distribution and sales infrastructure. Amazon offers two variants of fulfillment programs. The most common FBA program involves authors sending in books to an Amazon distribution center so Amazon handles all shipping/returns with customers. In this consignment-type model, authors are only paid when books sell. Authors are responsible for book production, inventory carrying costs and Amazon labeling costs. One of the benefits is the ability to have your book(s) be included in the Amazon Prime programs. Not only do Prime members get free two-day shipping, but Prime product listings are typically shown first on display.


The alternative option for authors to having Amazon store/ship their books is where authors ship books direct to clients. The fees charged by Amazon are significantly less since all warehousing/shipping costs are the responsibility of the author. In addition, these books would not be part of the Amazon Prime program. Larger and established self-publishers might use this model for some of their sales to keep a direct connection with their clients.  


The table below provides a quick snapshot comparing Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon FBA programs. 


Amazon Programs


It is important to remember that Amazon’s primary goal is to maximize their customers’ buying experience and their self-publisher programs are geared towards efficiency. It is the author/self publisher’s responsibility to provide a professional product. Consequently, we encourage our clients to focus on making sure their book is ready to compete in a marketplace of publishers of all sizes. Amazon’s website has an abundance of content enabling authors to set up an account but they do not provide any phone support. If you need assistance in preparing your book and/or getting it listed through one of the Amazon programs, please contact us at 800-662-0703 or

Publisher Services to offer Book Editing Solution

Posted on: January 28th, 2019 by Publisher Services

Bar Code Graphics’ Publisher Services, one of the largest channel partners of a U.S.-based ISBN agency, has entered into a partnership with Enago, an internationally trusted name in author services for the global researcher community. This partnership will help book authors and self-publishers worldwide to avail extensive language support and professional editing services from Enago. To support this author community, Enago will offer its services at a special discounted price.

Independent Publisher Services LLC (Publisher Services), a specialized division of Bar Code Graphics Inc., is the official US ISBN agency channel partner. They provide an array of individual services geared towards independent self-publishers such as assigning ISBN numbers, book printing on hard and soft covers, layout formatting, cover design, e-book conversion, and worldwide distribution. Enago is the preferred partner for authors worldwide for academic and non-academic book editing services. Since 2005, Enago has assisted more than 2 million authors in their publishing journey. Enago offers various services for authors such as substantive and copy editing, peer review, plagiarism check, formatting, and artwork editing, to name a few.

Commenting on the partnership, Andrew Verb, President, Bar Code Graphics Inc. said, “We are pleased to work with Enago to offer extensive value-added services to a large community of book authors. Due to the significance and complexity of professional editing, I have spent many years researching potential partners who I believe can provide our clients with a consistent and a high quality level of service. Enago’s reputation and broad range of professional staff editors, will help enable our clients to achieve publishing success.”

Robert Kasher, Vice President – North America, Enago, said, “Many great thinker and writers miss out on achieving the status of greatness because they can’t clearly comprehend their ideas in English. By collaborating with Bar Code Graphics Inc., we will be helping their authors receive the exposure they deserve in the global market. This partnership will provide end-to-end solutions for all book authors, helping them overcome language barriers, fast-track their publication timelines, and connect with readers across the globe.”

To know more about the collaboration, please visit

About Bar Code Graphics Inc. (
Bar Code Graphics is a leader in barcoding and product identification. Being the most experienced company specializing in barcode origination, print quality and data management, Bar Code Graphics is the conduit connecting the physical items to the digital world. Publisher Services is a division of Bar Code Graphics, which provides a broad range of assistance to over 3,000 new self-publishers each year. Publisher Services website

About Enago (
Enago is a trusted name in author services for the global research community. Founded in 2005, it has worked with researchers in more than 125 countries improving the communication of their research and helping them to achieve success in publishing. Enago Academy, the author education arm of Enago, addresses emerging needs of early-stage researchers by providing publishing-specific training resources via different digital platforms and onsite workshops. Enago operates globally with regional teams supporting researchers and institutions locally. It has offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, and New York.

After You Obtain an ISBN, Protect Your Book With Copyright Registration

Posted on: November 9th, 2018 by Publisher Services

Whether you’re a prolific writer or someone who just starting out, protecting the ownership of your work and registering your work at the US Copyright Office can avoid you massive headaches down the road. Even though the law specifies that your work is protected from the moment you create it, if you ever need to take someone to court over a Copyright issue, registering your work can be that ace up your sleeve that saves you in case someone decides to plagiarize your work.

Many authors nowadays decide to register their work in order to have a public record of it and to own a certificate of registration that will quickly settle any disputes. In addition to locking your protection for your lifetime plus 70 years, registering a copyright within the first 3 months of publishing enables the copyright owner to seek statutory damages and attorney’s fees in federal court.

Bowker and Publisher Services have partnered with Digi-Rights to assist clients with copyright registration due to the technicalities and nuances of the registration process.

Please visit

Farewell CreateSpace and Hello KDP!

Posted on: October 8th, 2018 by Publisher Services

createspace to kdp

Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing will soon merge into one service. CreateSpace was an early adopter in print-on-demand publishing and in 2005 they were acquired by Amazon. In July 2016 Amazon launched KDP Print as separate offering which CreateSpace customers will now be required to use. All titles that are currently published through CreateSpace will be automatically moved to the KDP platform. Amazon is allowing a few weeks for authors who have titles through CreateSpace to make any edits, changes or additions to their titles before moving them to a KDP Print account.

This merge was foreshadowed by the elimination of CreateSpace’s author services. Publisher Service will be providing the same support for KDP as we did for CreateSpace, so self-publishers can still utilize our services for cover design, interior formatting and upload assistance.

Amazon is attempting to make the integration of CreateSpace into KDP a seamless process. There will not be much of a difference between the functions, services and abilities that were available on CreateSpace accounts once they are moved to KDP Print. The account and title setup is similar, viewing of sales reports, and overseas marketing options. The printing facility that produced the books for CreateSpace clients will remain the same once all accounts are under Kindle Direct Publishing. Customers will notice that the payment schedules and royalty fees will differ slightly once all titles are under KDP.

The final date of CreateSpace being completely removed from Amazon has not been decided, but Amazon encourages CreateSpace authors not to delay in transferring their titles to KDP. For information on the steps to moving your title from CreateSpace to KDP, follow .

Amazon KDP requires that authors must submit titles with ISBNs that are registered to the author’s name in the Books in Print Database. With our Publisher Package, we ensure that you receive an ISBN registered to your name as the publisher and the ISBN barcode file for the cover of your book. To order the Publisher Package ISBN, click here. (

If you are interested in publishing your paperback or eBook through Kindle Direct Publishing and would like more information on the service, give us a call at 800-662-0701 ext. 250.